Korea New Ceramics Co., Ltd., designs and manufactures top quality sensors for gas detection, specializing in the catalytic bead type and the semiconductor type gas sensors.

With our gas sensing technology accumulated over 20 years, we developed our catalytic gas sensors which can detect both LPG & LNG at the same operating voltage without LNG sensitivity degradation. It has been proven that our catalytic gas sensors satisfy the most demanding customers in performance, price and service. Our semiconductor gas sensors feature high sensitivity, superb stability against air flow and excellent durability.

We are supplying 400,000 gas sensors annually to our domestic and overseas customers. Our technical team is completely in control of the whole manufacturing processes, starting from the preparation of the needed raw material (ultra fine powder, catalyst, etc.) to the final inspection with all processes done in-house. We also design and make the necessary production facility and tools such as CNC winding and inspection machinery. Our outstanding technology and unique processing capability result in cost-effective sensors of top quality.

Besides providing our customers with the existing gas sensor products, we also design and manufacture new sensors customized to our customers’ requirements. We are always ready to serve our customers with leading technology and competitive business terms, while continuously improving our products and adaptability to meet the highest expectations of our customers.

With the global increase of gas consumption as an energy source, the high potentiality of gas related hazards is always around us. Korea New Ceramics Co., Ltd., is proud of its contribution to the safety and happiness of mankind by providing the best products and services at the most reasonable cost.