Air Quality System
The auto-ventilation system, equipped with artificial intelligence design, provides the optimum function to indoor air quality systems. Inside is a sensor (the KGS 102 gas sensor) that is responsible for detecting changes in temperature, humidity and indoor air pollutants such as odors from cooking, cigarette smoke or combustible gases in the surrounding environment. However, with this special device embedded inside, it makes the range hood turn on only when air pollution is detected. After the unit is automatically switched-on, it will turn off by itself when the pollutant disappears. This auto-ventilation system enables the indoor air, especially kitchen area, to stay clean at a very low cost.
 Power    AC 220 volts, 60Hz (AC110 volts, 50Hz)
 Ambient Operating Temperature    -20 ∼50℃
 Ambient Operating Humidity    65 ± 20% RH
 Relay Output    Normal Open